Sunday, April 24, 2011

#DwtS Week 6

Wow! The boys from Hanson look like boys now! Why did only the eldest brother dress up for the show?

Kirstie and Maks's Samba: Maks looks so weird clean shaven. This might be my favorite dance of Kirstie's so far this season. She looked great.

Chris and Cheryl's Tango: How on earth was that a guilty pleasure song? No one should feel guilty about Journey. He started off strong, and he had most of the steps even if he was a bit out of sync, but he just wasn't quite into it enough.

Romeo and Chelsie's Waltz: For someone who was reluctant and unsure of himself when it comes to ballroom dances, he sure does a phenomenal job of them.

Chelsea and Mark's Quickstep: I liked the choreography and personality, but Chelsea seemed occasionally hesitant and sometimes a little bit out of synch with some of the footwork. I don't think that it deserved a 10, though I can live with the 9s.

Kendra and Louis's Samba: It was probably one of her best performances, but I still hate her face when she dances.

Love, love, love those music video clips of Bruno. I less-than-three Bruno Tonioli.

Hines and Kym's Viennese Waltz: I like Hines more and more every week, but Len is right that he's a bit clompy in the feet.

Ralph and Karina's Pasodoble: Karina fell? Was that the slip-up they recovered from? I couldn't see what happened with the switch of cameras. Wasn't a huge fan of the choreography, and several times Ralph looked like he was in a slight panic after she fell, but mostly he seemed to be back finding his groove. I thought 8s across the board were fair.

I think maybe Chris/Cheryl or Kendra/Louis to go home this week.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

#DwtS Week 5

I'm glad the show is down to 90 minutes now.

Ralph and Karina's Samba: I liked the inclusion of line dancing and a bit of two-step; it's not a proper Samba, but with a song like Sweet Home Alabama it pulled the song and dance together. I'm glad Carrie-Anne stepped up with the "What do you expect when we give them a theme and song choice like this for a Samba?". One thing I hate on this show when they force the performers to be gimmicky and then criticize them for being too gimmicky.

Chris and Cheryl's Viennese Waltz: It was nice. I don't have much else to say about it.

Petra and Dmitry's Quickstep: I thought they did a really good job and Petra kept up with the music very well. My complaint was with the camera angles. Very often when it would have been best on the feet, it was on their upper bodies.

Romeo and Chelsie's Foxtrot: That was a really girlie neckline on Romeo's tank top during practice. I think he found the right note of elegance and swagger except for the weird surprised duckface expression he had for much of the dance. He and Chelsie were a bit out of sync a few times. Overall it was really good and Chelsie did a really nice job on choreography to go with that song.

Hines and Kym's Rumba:  Not my favorite dance for Hines, but the caveat to that is that I'm not a big fan of the rumba in genera. I thought he lacked romance and was a bit stiff in his upper body.

Kirstie and Maks's Foxtrot: Travolta was actually kinda funny. They should've put Maks's flag tattoo on his back rather than his side; from the front it looked like he had his ribs exposed. Kirstie was great, there were no disasters, but I get what Len was saying about the feel of the dance. Bruno is hilarious.

Kendra and Louis's Foxtrot: Kendra's whining is getting on my nerves. She's still obviously not really slipping into the song and I think that's quickly going to hold her back in the competition. I didn't like the dance at all, but I think that's more because the choreography options were rather limited by the song.

Chelsea and Mark's Samba: It was really good. I don't know why Mark so often feels the need to push the envelope and stretch or break the rules when he's obviously capable of doing an amazing job within the parameters of what's standard for a dance.

I think Kendra/Louis and Petra/Dmitry are most likely to be in the bottom two, but it's getting really tough to say.

Monday, April 11, 2011

#DwtS Week 4

Glad to see Wendy go home last week. It was time.

Mmm, I like classical week. I also like seeing traditional dances done to modern pop and rock, but there's an epic quality to the big orchestra.

Romeo and Chelsie's Pasodoble: Loved Chelsie's dress. I think they found a really great intensity for the dance though could have done without the disrobing at the end. Romeo definitely gained back the ground he lost a bit of last week. He just needs some polish.

Kendra and Louie's Viennese Waltz: Hated Kendra's dress. Why so much sliding around on the floor? I know that's a thing that's done, but three or four times seems like a lot for one short dance. She didn't connect with the music and I could see her thinking so hard about every move. Didn't like it overall.

Sugar Ray and Anna's Viennese Waltz: I love watching Sugar Ray and his pure enjoyment of being there. It was very nice and I feel like he's finding his feet a little better as a dancer, but I felt like they sacrificed a little too much waltz for too much ballet.

Petra and Dmitry's Pasodoble: I think anything from the Carmen score is really big to live up to. This was probably the most I've liked Petra this season so far, she just needed a little more power and confidence.

Ralph and Karina's Waltz: I think Ralph did a really, really good job of this dance and there was a lot of technical improvement. I thought I wouldn't really be feeling the tragic love story from him, but I am happily wrong.

Hines and Kim's Pasodoble: crisp, intense, and dramatic! They fit the music very well. Maybe my favorite of the night.

Chelsea and Mark's Viennese Waltz: I was worried when I saw their outfits that they were doing something weird and conceptual again. Then I heard the Harry Potter music and thought it might just be atmospheric. Then it was like watching the dancing brooms from The Sorcerer's Apprentice. It was a good dance, but not a very good Viennese Waltz. Why does Mark keep doing this? "It was the Harry Potter music, we had to do this theme." No, you didn't. You can interpret the music without being gimmicky and weird. And an 8 from Len after his lecture? I don't get it.

Chris and Cheryl's Pasodoble: I felt like this was going to be a great dance for Chris, and he really pulled it out. I wasn't sure about the music, but I though Cheryl choreographed it very well. He had great movement and control. Loved Cheryl's dress.

Kirstie and Maksim's Waltz: what happened to her shoe?? This wasn't really her best dance, but she's still doing a really good job.

I think it will be Kendra's turn in the bottom two, along with either Sugar Ray or Kirstie.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

#DwtS Week 3

Loved the Pasodoble and Samba at the beginning (the Rumba less so, but that's just me).

Wendy & Tony's Foxtrot: I'll be honest: I got distracted and read an article on the plight of socially awkward people instead of watching the whole dance. I'll just defer to Len.

Chelsea & Mark's Chachacha: I love when Bruno gets all enthusiastic. I thought it was a really great dance, much better than last week, she just needs a bit more swish and pop in the hips.

Chris & Cheryl's Rumba: Chris's story about his mom was very sweet. This looked like a hard but important moment for him personally. I'm not a fan of the rumba, but I am a fan of Cheryl, Let It Be, and tough guys showing their softer side. It was a very nice dance. Good for him. One thing I hate about emotional story dances is that it makes is hard for the judges to give constructive criticism without looking like assholes.

Kendra & Louie's Rumba: Too much time doing nothing on the stage in fog. She was really wobbly coming down those steps. I really liked her outfit. I hate men in see-through shirts. It was okay...just a rumba.

Romeo & Chelsie's Rumba: This is the song I based my wedding vows on. Nice enough dance I guess. I'm a fan of Romeo, The Jackson 5, and tough guys being soft so it had that going for. Once again, I feel bad for the judges who are there to comment on the dance getting booed for trying to be constructive.

Hines & Kim's Samba: I really enjoyed it. Hines was very relaxed and having fun, which always makes a big difference in how a dance comes across.

Petra & Dmitry's Waltz: It was very nicely done. She's very graceful and moved with a lot of fluidity. I liked Petra's dress. I think her modeling background gives her a bit of an advantage: both dancing and modeling require people to put themselves into positions that can be physically awkward and uncomfortable while making it look relaxed and sexy.

Sugar Ray & Anna's Pasodoble: I can't decide if I liked it or not. I think he did a good job, better than last week, except for making duckface the whole time. This is a really picky complaint, but usually both dancers are in matching colours and it was weirdly distracting that Anna wasn't wearing any red accents to reflect his red and black.

Kirstie & Maksim's Rumba: Oh Maks, always with an unbuttoned shirt at the first opportunity. Good on Maks for pushing through after his leg giving out on him. That was an intense moment and by how much he was sweating he was probably in a fair amount of pain. Kirstie did a really lovely job at something that was difficult for her.

Ralph & Karina's Rumba: Karina looked lovely, but Ralph was a, somehow. He really blew me away in the first week, but the last two weeks he just wasn't quite on point.

I think Wendy/Tony and probably Sugar Ray/Anna will be on the chopping block with Wendy going home. I don't think Petra will last more than 2 or 3 more weeks. Kirstie and Maks are in no danger; between the decent scores and fans rallying after his live injury, no way are they going anywhere.