Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A special lunch two years in the making

Sunday, December 6 marked the two year anniversary of the day David and I first met and had lunch at a little bar and grill downtown. Our intention that day was to have waffles, but once we got there and looked at the menu we both ordered other things. In two years we'd never gone out for waffles, deciding in a moment of silliness that our relationship was built on the promise of waffles and to actually have waffles might doom us. Thus our silly Waffle Curse was born.

Our plan was to have a quiet weekend, save for a short session of Dungeons & Dragons on Saturday night, since we'd had a string of busy weekends. On Sunday morning we were having breakfast, and he said that a friend would be coming by to watch the kids while we went out for an anniversary lunch. He took me to the same restaurant where we first met two years ago, and we happened to be seated in the same booth. He told me he'd take care of ordering, which turned out to be a turkey club wrap with french fries (our favorite meal to share there), a side order of sweet potato fries (my favorite), and an Belgian waffle with strawberries and whipped cream.

Almost immediately after our order was taken, he became unreasonably concerned that he'd accidentally ordered sweet potato fries instead of regular fries and disappeared to follow our server to clear up any misunderstanding. When the food was brought, the waffles were put in front of me and, very much to my surprise, there was a ring stuck on top in the whipped cream. It was his mother's engagement ring and he'd had it in his wallet since September, which is when he knew he wanted to marry me but wasn't quite sure yet how to do it. He brought me over to his side of the table to sit on his lap, and he said a whole lot of sweet things that I honestly don't remember a word of, there were tears from both of us, and friends and family (and Facebook and Twitter) were immediately informed via excited texting.

We ate the whole waffle.