Saturday, August 8, 2009


We tentatively adopted a dog. His name is Zeus and he looks to most likely be a poodle mix, possibly mixed with a shih tzu. He used to belong to the kids' maternal grandparents but they had to get rid of him because he and the dog they already had couldn't work out their differences. He was adopted by a mutual friend who lived across the street in the same building the kids' mom lives in. That friend has to move and Zeus needs a new home.

We've talked a lot about getting a dog and this was as good an opportunity as any. He knows us, he knows the kids, he's house-trained, he's a nice size, and he seems to be pretty obedient (though not particularly clever). We picked him up and brought him home today.

Thalia is deeply offended that we've allowed this abomination into the house. She's also nervous, bordering on frightened. She's keeping out of the way but hasn't really gone into hiding either. This is her house and I know she's not to just give up her throne. She's also very curious and I think she's working up the nerve to stand her ground and show Zeus who's boss around here.

If he and the cat can't establish harmony within a week or two, then Zeus will have to go.