Monday, April 11, 2011

#DwtS Week 4

Glad to see Wendy go home last week. It was time.

Mmm, I like classical week. I also like seeing traditional dances done to modern pop and rock, but there's an epic quality to the big orchestra.

Romeo and Chelsie's Pasodoble: Loved Chelsie's dress. I think they found a really great intensity for the dance though could have done without the disrobing at the end. Romeo definitely gained back the ground he lost a bit of last week. He just needs some polish.

Kendra and Louie's Viennese Waltz: Hated Kendra's dress. Why so much sliding around on the floor? I know that's a thing that's done, but three or four times seems like a lot for one short dance. She didn't connect with the music and I could see her thinking so hard about every move. Didn't like it overall.

Sugar Ray and Anna's Viennese Waltz: I love watching Sugar Ray and his pure enjoyment of being there. It was very nice and I feel like he's finding his feet a little better as a dancer, but I felt like they sacrificed a little too much waltz for too much ballet.

Petra and Dmitry's Pasodoble: I think anything from the Carmen score is really big to live up to. This was probably the most I've liked Petra this season so far, she just needed a little more power and confidence.

Ralph and Karina's Waltz: I think Ralph did a really, really good job of this dance and there was a lot of technical improvement. I thought I wouldn't really be feeling the tragic love story from him, but I am happily wrong.

Hines and Kim's Pasodoble: crisp, intense, and dramatic! They fit the music very well. Maybe my favorite of the night.

Chelsea and Mark's Viennese Waltz: I was worried when I saw their outfits that they were doing something weird and conceptual again. Then I heard the Harry Potter music and thought it might just be atmospheric. Then it was like watching the dancing brooms from The Sorcerer's Apprentice. It was a good dance, but not a very good Viennese Waltz. Why does Mark keep doing this? "It was the Harry Potter music, we had to do this theme." No, you didn't. You can interpret the music without being gimmicky and weird. And an 8 from Len after his lecture? I don't get it.

Chris and Cheryl's Pasodoble: I felt like this was going to be a great dance for Chris, and he really pulled it out. I wasn't sure about the music, but I though Cheryl choreographed it very well. He had great movement and control. Loved Cheryl's dress.

Kirstie and Maksim's Waltz: what happened to her shoe?? This wasn't really her best dance, but she's still doing a really good job.

I think it will be Kendra's turn in the bottom two, along with either Sugar Ray or Kirstie.

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