Tuesday, May 3, 2011

#DwtS Week 7

Team Gaga: I thought everyone was really strong. I liked it!

Team Ke$ha: They were also really good. I still think that Kendra is one of the weakest lefton the show. She just lacks the personality for it and never looks like she's enjoying herself.

Chelsea and Mark's Pasodoble: Someone should Chelsea that duckface isn't exactly serious. I didn't quite like the tone of the dance. It was a little too mean and manic. Mark's mom is kind of scary and I'm not sure relatives should do passionate dances together.

Kendra and Louis's Tango: This  may be her best dance yet, at least in terms of looking into it and not looking like she's thinking about every move.

Kirstie and Maks's Jive: Not a huge fan of some of the choreography and Kirstie really lost it on a lot of the side-by-side footwork and kicks. Which is too bad because I've been a big fan of her all season.

Ralph and Karina's Quickstep: It looked like Ralph was channelling Gene Kelly tonight. Great job, especially doing a dance like this with a bad knee.

Hines and Kym's Tango: Really nice. I liked how classic and traditional it was.

Romeo and Chelsie's Samba: Romeo's really gotten comfortable on the dance floor. It all looked easy and confident tonight.

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