Tuesday, November 16, 2010

#DwtS Week 9

Due to a change we made in our cable service and my failure to update the recording schedule, Dancing with the Stars didn't record. Fortunately, the fine folks over at CTV have episodes available online! Thank you, CTV! Unfortunately, it wasn't always streaming well and the clips were often delayed and choppy. That's probably the fault of Toshiba, Windows, Firefox and/or Shaw. So, screw you guys.

Brandy and Maksim's Pasodoble: I really liked it. I liked the story they put into it, Brandy was completely engaged and confident, and it looked like she did a really good job. I also really liked her sort of lady pirate outfit.

Jennifer and Derek's Chachacha: It looked like it was a really good job, but I think they've become my least favorite pair now that Kurt's gone. I feel like they've been spending a lot of the season presenting Jennifer as the underdog, even more than Bristol. She's older, she's had health problems, her body's falling apart, nearly paralyzed, etc. Now, here's Baby 30 years later, in semi-memorium of Patrick Swayze, a breakout star at semi-finals. It's like the producers are trying very hard to justify why she's so deserving. Maybe I'm totally off base and reading things into it that aren't there, but her presence on the show lacks a lot of genuineness for me.

Bristol and Mark's Pasodoble: Easily her best dance yet, but she's lacked the consistency through the week's to be considered of the same caliber as the others.

Kyle and Lacey's Samba: What a great dance for Kyle! This may be my favorite dance for him (not necessarily my favorite performance, though). Loved it! How was that NOT a perfect score, Len?

Brandy and Maksim's Argentine Tango: Lovely, dramatic, fluid. Probably my favorite lifts of the season. It absolutely deserved that perfect score.

Jennifer and Derek's Waltz: I liked it better than their Chachacha. I don't think 60/60 was deserved for tonight's dances.

Bristol and Mark's Waltz: Another really nice dance, but she looked completely bored at detached for most of it. Also, they're really giving her outfits that obscure her legs and feet as much as possible to hide flaws in her steps.

Kyle and Lacey's Argentine Tango: Wow! That's one of the quickest tangos I've seen on the show. He really brought everything he had to this one. He also did a great job on the lifts -- he doesn't look like a lift kind of guy. Again, Len, WTF is with the 9?!

I'm going to be pretty surprised if it's not Bristol's week to go home. I can't wait for the freestyles next week. I will be really happy with either Brandy or Kyle taking the mirrorball home.

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