Tuesday, November 9, 2010

#DwtS Week 8

Finally, a two hour show with more dancing instead of more filler than cheap dog food. I love the idea of the instant dance, in large part because of the potential for someone (Kurt, pretty please) to totally crash and burn.

Kyle & Lacey's Viennese Waltz: I love how versatile Kyle has been between the fun peppy dances and the more polished and romantic ones like this. He has such a sweet side and he's been my consistent favorite.

Jennifer & Derek's Quickstep: I really sympathize with her knee troubles. I also have a bad knee. Loved her dress and Derek's tails but for some reason I didn't realize care for the choreography. I can't quite put my finger on why. They did a great job, but it just didn't resonate with me.

Kurt & Anna's Waltz: Meh. But Bruno made me laugh with his "Obviously there are people better than you."

Bristol & Mark's Argentine Tango: I hate Sarah Palin so much. I hate her accent. As for the dance, I liked it. Nice lifts, she's finding her character but wasn't quite fierce enough, her footwork is good. Bristol kept scrunching her head down and hunching her shoulders. Instead of being tall and confident it looked like she was trying to slouch down to Mark's height.

Brandy & Maksim's Waltz: I didn't notice before the rehearsal footage, but Brandy has lovely legs. They had such emotion in this dance. It was very graceful and artistic and sorrowful. Everything about it was beautiful. Also, Maks should wait until he's not on camera to scratch at his groin.

Instant dances! And DanceCentre is coming back!

Kyle & Lacey's Jive: Wow! WOW! It did not look at all like they only had 40 minutes to work with the music. What a great job!

Jennifer & Derek's Rhumba: Good call on Derek having them dance it to several different songs. I felt like they held some of their holds for a slightly awkwardly long time in order to make sure they had enough steps left to make it to the end of the song, but then ended up having to catch up the music at the end. It was really good, but I didn't think it was quite 30 good. I would have given it nines.

Kurt & Anna's ChaChaCha: I normally really like this dance. Not so much tonight, particularly because I didn't like the song. My dislike of Kurt is so deeply rooted that I don't think he can do anything to please me.

Bristol & Mark's Samba: I think is the first time it really looked like Bristol was having fun. It's a tough dance and I think she did a good job again, but just isn't a high enough caliber compared to the other contestants.

Brandy & Maksim's ChaChaCha: Good energy, great attention to the little flourishes, all around enjoyable to watch. I can understand Len and Carrie-Ann's points that they didn't do enough dancing with what little time they had. I love it when Maks argues with the judges, especially Carrie-Ann. And again, hands in his pockets scratching away.

Bottom two: I'd say Bristol and Kurt with Bristol going home, but after last week I just don't know anymore.

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