Tuesday, November 23, 2010

#DwtS Finals

Hah...I enjoyed Tom's "Please, don't shoot your television." I also really like the redemption dance being requested by the judges rather than the contestants picking their best or favorite dance. 

Kyle & Lacey's Foxtrot: I think nines were a great score for that dance. It wasn't quite a ten.

Bristol & Mark's Jive: Bruno is the best. I loved him in training and then during the judge comments taking full credit. What a complete turnaround from her first disastrous mess of a jive. Hated their weird little ending, though. I would have turned it off had they gotten a ten.

Jennifer & Derek's Pasodoble: Really good paso song! I've been anti Jenhougher for a couple weeks now, but even I have to admit that it was a great dance. I can appreciate any dance that results in one of Bruno's dramatic flowery speeches.

Freestyles! I'm always a little torn on judges' scores for these. Freestyles are so much fun to watch but not really good judging fodder. Unless a pair seriously botches their choreography, how do you really judge a dance with absolutely no parameters or rules?

Kyle & Lacey: Okay...it was great, fun, filled with confidence...but it reminded me so much of Apolo's.  I generally prefer Freestyles that try to incorporate or evoke some 'real' dances, but it was a well done old school hip hop routine.

Bristol & Mark: Now, this one had the opposite problem. It was too much like a standard dance, trying to evoke very famous Fosse choreography, and not enough of a fun freestyle. It's like Mark was trying to find a way to borrow a personality since Bristol doesn't have one. They weren't original, and if there's one thing Freestyles should be, it's original.

Jennifer & Derek: See above re: originality. Did they really need to steal a song, mood, and choreography from Dirty Dancing? I was suspicious as soon as they didn't mention the song or theme during the preview package. And then the boohoo about "Time of your Life" being her song with Patrick. She said that in the very first episode about These Arms of Mine, too. This was a nostalgia blackmail dance. "I hate the Palins and I don't know who this Disney kid is, but nobody puts Baby in the corner!"

I think Kyle is going to come in third and it will be a travesty.

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