Wednesday, July 8, 2009

People are animals

As I've mentioned, we've been moving. David's parents moved out and we moved from a dorm-room existence to having a whole house. As with all moves, we had a lot of garbage, recycling, and just stuff to get rid of. The garbage and recycling was bagged, boxed, or bundled as appropriate and left where it always goes in the alley. Slightly apart from the garbage, we left any items out in the open that were still good for people to take. A side table, a small entertainment unit, a kettle, etc. Everything that was usable was long gone in no time at all, which was great.

What was not great was the scavengers who tore into the garbage looking for treasures, leaving ripped open bags and garbage strewn about alley alongside our garage. It was a filthy mess. Last week I went out before the garbage pickup to bag back up what I could so the trash collectors would take it. It was a filthy mess this week, too, though I didn't think ahead and go out to make sure everything was bagged up again before the pickup. Everything is once again in tied bags in the garbage bin awaiting garbage day next Thursday.

If people must dig through garbage, they should at least be tidy about it and not leave a huge mess.

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