Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to Boy2

Yesterday was the littest one's fifth birthday. We went to the World Waterpark at West Edmonton Mall with a total of five kids and eight adults, spent a couple hours there, went to a party room for cake, then back to our place for a barbecue. I think we ended up with a total of six kids and thirteen adults. David stood out in the pouring rain grilling up hot dogs, smokies, and his excellent hamburgers. I was in the kitchen handling snacks and dishes.

David's mom, with only helpful intent, kept trying to insert herself into the kitchen. She's very used to being the one in charge of this kitchen, and I suspect she thinks I'm probably a bit incomptent since she never saw me do much cooking here. I did live on my own for eight years without getting scurvy or starving to death. Each time she tried to do something helpful, I'd already have it covered. She finally sat down and enjoyed the party without worrying about being the cook/hostess.

Naturally, the rain cleared up as soon as the cooking was done. The kids moved outside and found the waterguns, and later we did presents. Everyone finally departed and David and I got to cleaning up.

We did good. I wonder how Boy1's birthday will go in September.

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