Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I've watched inaugurations on television whenever I have the chance to, and thanks to streaming video online Obama's was no exception. Michelle is a very well dressed woman. I liked Hilary's coat. She's aging well. Bill is not. George H. W. Bush's scarf was distracting.

The speech was eloquent, but definitely tempered compared to the election night speech which I believe was wise. He's trying to make people's expectations a little more reasonable, bringing them down from idealistically thinking of him as a magic unicorn who is going to instantly fix everything. It took a lot of years to get into this mess, and it may take many more to clean it up.

I went over to the mall that houses CBC to run some errands and get lunch. They had a large television set up with the inauguration coverage and there was quite a crowd gathered, complete with cheers and applause. It's sad that Canadians don't seem to have anyone in our own government to inspire that kind of reaction from the masses. We get more excited about someone else's national leader than our own.

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