Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Super Video Game Super Party

An article on how to host a video game party inspired David to get one going for this weekend. The invites have gone out, the budget has been set, and arrangements are being made for the 'rens and the 'rents to be elsewhere. The 'rents are skeptical about having our weirdo friends invade the house and would like us to stay confined to the basement, but we'll see if we can't convince them to vacate for a few hours. They're making noises about the mess, but we can attest to the fact that the house was much cleaner before and after the Super Birthday Super Party back in November than it was when they left the house. 

We're very well stocked for consoles and games and by Sunday afternoon I hope to also have a good spread of food on the go. Some of my usual skills may be challenged by the lack of a reliable oven. I often do things like cranberry cinnamon scones, cookies, and pizza for parties. However, the oven is having some issues in that it won't always stay on. It quite randomly decides to turn itself off, sometimes after an hour, sometimes after five minutes. I'll have to lean towards no-bake stuff.

My goal for the Super Video Game Super Party is to take more pictures. I only ended up with three or four pictures on my camera of the Super Birthday Super Party.

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