Monday, May 23, 2011

#DwtS Week 10

Chelsea and Mark's Samba: This was a really weird song to try to be sensual to. It was too staccato. I didn't like the go-go choreography. Meh.

Kirstie and Maks's Samba: A bit part of it may have been the music, but I liked it way better than Chelsea and Mark's. Nice choreography and Kirstie moves with so much fluidity on the floor. I hate Brooke Burke's stupid questions. "How does it feel to be compared to someone born in 1988?" Really?

Hines and Kym's Quickstep: Hines's mom is clearly not to be messed with. She will mess you up. I liked Kym's cute dress, but what was her with crazy maniacal expression the whole time? Loved the dance, easily my favorite of the three.

I'm always torn about the Freestyle. Unless a couple really screws the pooch or phones it in, I don't think it's a fair dance to judge because it is completely subjective in a way that standard dances are not. Having freestyle at all is just fan service, which I think would be fine if it scored by fan votes only and not by the judges.

Chelsea and Mark's Freestyle: For the first few bars, they looked like they were doing completely different dances. I thought that going in and out of the lifts were a bit awkward. I wish that in all this time of being on the show, Mark would have learned to tone down his expressiveness so he stops overshadowing his partners. It was unfortunate that Chelsea's batteries died. That really took away from the last bit of the dance.

Kirstie and Maks's Freestyle: I liked it well enough. I always like freestyles that try to incorporate the dancers' favorite parts of other dances they've done. I didn't really care for the lifts (except for the first one, which was lovely), which was unfortunate because I know they can do better. Their lifts were much, much better in the Argentine Tango.

Hines and Kym's Freestyle: Good for them for taking a risk on the style. I think they executed their dance really well and it was again my favorite dance of the three. Also, the very best lifts of the night (but they sure made me nervous after last week's accident).

I really hope that Hines and Kym win.

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