Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Resolution Redux

I made some lofty (for me) goals for 2011. Two and a half months in seems like a good time to check my progress.
1) I will complete at least one console video game each month.
I have completed Mass Effect, Alpha Protocol, Bulletstorm, a second playthrough of Fable 3. I also completed Fallout 3 but that doesn't technically count as a 2011 game because it took me 98 hours over a span of two years to finish, only 15 hours of which were played in 2011, but it's worth mentioning. I got damn near close to finishing TMNT, but the last boss battle still eludes me. This resolution is going just swimmingly so far.
2) I will complete at least two novels each month.
This one isn't quite under control. So far between January 1 and today, I have read Sacred Hearts by Sarah Dunant, Siege of Darkness and Passage to Dawn by R. A. Salvatore, and Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk. I should be at 5 books by now, so I'm a little behind but not terribly so. I'm reading a Doctor Who book right now which should be a nice quick read.
3) I will spend a minimum of two hours each week playing co-op video games with David.
This one isn't going so well, but that is largely to do with the circumstances of life right now.
4) I will complete at least one knitting or crochet project each month.
I finished a nice chunky broken rib scarf in short order in January. My second project, a nice loose knit fancy scarf in a pretty metallic blue yarn, is going absolutely terribly. I have had to start over three times because of critical mistakes that I could not recover from. This yarn just doesn't want to be anything but a ball in my yarn drawer.
5) I will go to the gym for at least one hour each week.
I was slow to start on this, but I'm now going once a week to a trainer for an hour and try to go for at least a half hour on my own in addition to that.

Partial win!

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