Monday, March 28, 2011

#DwtS Week 2

Sugar Ray and Anna's Jive: He had some of the right moves, they just weren't quite at the same time as his partner. His exuberance on the floor a delight, but it really just wasn't a very good as a proper dance.

Kendra & Louis's Quickstep: I think she ended up doing an okay job. A little out of step during the promenades, obviously nervous the whole time, not a lot of grace to her movement. But there is potential. I laughed out loud when Len said "chesticles."

Chelsea & Mark's Jive: I'm a bit at a loss for words. I don't know if I loved it or hated it. I was distracted by the theatrics of it to really judge it as a dance and I wish they'd save the gimmicks for later in the season. This was a really big risk and I feel like Mark has been on the show long enough to know better than to pull something like this.

Chris & Cheryl's Quickstep: WOW! Much improved from last week. I loved it. Chris actually looked like a dancer tonight.

Petra & Dmitri's Jive: I can't pinpoint why, but I didn't like it so much. There was just an awkwardness to it.

Brooke asks some dumb questions. "How much do you hope that you're not eliminated tomorrow?" Really?

Kirstie & Maksim's Quickstep: Kirstie's dress was the opposite of slimming. She did great, I can't fault her for losing energy towards the end, Maks was amazing as always, I just wasn't a big fan of the choreography. I thought the 6 was maybe a tad harsh.

Mike & Lacey's Jive:  Lacey's skirt thing was cute. Some great leg work from Mark, but a little bit too much of him doing nothing while she was dancing around him. Improvement and potential.

Romeo & Chelsie's Quickstep: Wow! Very nice, one of my favorites this season so far.

Wendy & Tony's Quickstep: Again, with that pink fabric for a ballroom dress that makes the curvier women look bigger than they are. Unflattering dresses for Wendy and Kirstie tonight. Much better dance than last week, but still 'meh' on her.

Ralph & Karina's Jive:  Again, wow! It was one of the most fun to watch of the night, but it was a little bit frenzied and loose in places where it should not have been. 7 across the board was fair.

Hines & Kym's Quickstep: Whoo! That was great! Hot, romantic, smooth, great footwork, lovely promenades. Loved it!

My favorites of the night were Chris/Cheryl, Hines/Kym, and Romeo/Chelsie. I'm not sure about the bottom two. Some combination of Petra, Mike, Kendra, and Sugar Ray, but I can't narrow it down more than that. I think that Chelsea and Mark should be in the bottom two, but that the fans will love the quirkiness and more than make up for the judges' scores.

Chris Brown's backup dancers will be wearing dresses made by Dolly Couture, who made my wedding dress!

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