Tuesday, March 29, 2011

#DwtS First Elimination

Why, why, why was the two hours of show divided into two episodes instead of just a single two hour episode? Satellite television being what it is, I have to set the PVR to record one episode per day or I end up with multiple recordings of each episode. It completely messed up my PVR which recorded only the redundant "Story So Far" portion and skipped the actual elimination half, which I ended up watching live.

There's a reason why I record and watch later: I can't stand the extended commercial breaks, endless filler, and inane banter which is getting worse with each season. If I had to watch live for three to four hours each week, I'd not watch at all. This show is dreadful and almost unbearable without a fast forward button.

  • What's with Brooke's dress? 
  • Why does Chris Brown have to be such a douchebag? I dig his music and he puts on a really good performance but it's hard to like him.
  • Why doesn't Lacey commit to either blonde or brunette? 
Mike and Sugar Ray in the bottom two is unsurprising. I don't think Sugar Ray will last more than a couple weeks.

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