Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Woolies for Kenyans

Yesterday at my polling location for the municipal election, the lady stationed at the ballot reading machine was knitting. I asked what she was making, and she said she makes wool tuques and scarves for an orphanage in Kenya.

"In Kenya? I didn't realize it got cold enough there for woollen outwear."

"You know...I never thought about that. I have no idea how cold it gets. I just knit them with my ladies' church group and we send them off."

Knitting for charitable organizations is a wonderful idea, be it an overseas orphanage, a homeless shelter, or for chemotherapy patients.The  key is to be sure you're sending knitted goods to locales that genuinely need them. Knitting can be time consuming and I expect it's rather costly to ship parcels to Kenya. Now, I don't know, maybe Kenyan orphans do very much need warm tuques and scarves. What is odd is that this woman and her fellow church ladies have no idea if their woolly wares are actually needed in east Africa.

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