Tuesday, October 19, 2010

#DWTS Week 5

I skipped the entire first 30 minutes of judge banter and commentary. Don't care, have better things to do, just want the dancing. I love television theme week!

Brandy & Maks: Loved her dress so much, even with that butt bow. Loved the dance even more. Fun, energetic, joyful, free, bouncy, full of personality. Fantastic! She's been solid all season, but tonight she totally wowed me.

Florence & Corky: Florence seemed to be happy about getting The Brady Bunch theme. I thought it was too predictable and little hack, just like having Jennifer dance to Dirty Dancing songs. Florence's fluidity was much better this week. She looked more relaxed with her steps and more comfortable with being in control of her movements. That said, I agreed with the judges about those ragdoll moves. They should have kept it crisp to keep it from looking gimmicky.

Kurt & Anna: Very nice, but again, he lacks so much personality for me that he doesn't stand out.

Audrina & Tony: A pink satin shirt unbuttoned to the navel is not a good look for any man. Not even one with a torso like Tony's. It was a nice dance and I think she's getting better, but I'm not a huge rhumba fan. I didn't see the lift Carrie-Ann was talking about.

Kyle & Lacey: That swank 70s beat seemed like it'd not lend itself well to a foxtrot, but I think they did a well enough. A 5 from Len was astounding especially since he didn't give any constructive criticism. I hate it when the judges criticize things like Bruno did - they were given a disco song from a famous 70s show for theme week. They shouldn't be penalized for sticking with the theme they were handed.

Rick & Cheryl: Cheryl was so cute and tiny among those basketball guys. The rhumba seems like a hard dance for male contestants since it's usually touted as being a dance with the spotlight on the woman. Rick's motion and fluidity seemed much better than last week. Definite improvement.

Bristol & Mark: Oh dear. She really didn't have the bouncy steps and sometimes she didn't have the steps at all, and sometimes she had them but was totally out of sync. This was her best performance but her worst dance yet. I can't believe that Len was so hard on Kyle but so soft on Bristol.

Jennifer & Derek: I understand that his frustration doesn't help her, but frustration is one of those things that's really hard to contain. I really liked their dance. It was fun, cute, light, smooth, and elegant. What is with Len? He hated Kyle's dance and loved Bristol's, thought Bristol wasn't theatrical enough but Jennifer was too theatrical?

Bottom two prediction: Bristol and Florence, with Bristol going home.

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