Friday, October 1, 2010

On February 16, 2009, I broke my left pinky toe very badly. It was at a full right angle from where it ought to have been. It was X-rayed, set, cast, and subsequently healed as well as it could. It aches when it (the toe itself) is cold and when it's cool and humid out. Recently, I've started having a some pain at the base of the middle toes and the ball of my foot. Whenever that flares up, the knee which had a minor injury 16 years ago also starts giving me problems.

When going through the orientation process with my personal trainer at the gym, she referred me to a nearby clinic for a biomechanical foot scan. I just had that done and it confirmed that my left foot is getting pretty effed up. Both feet have low arches, so I already wasn't distributing my weight very well when I walked. The way in which I changed my gait after breaking my toe has had me distributing my weight on the left in ways that feet were not meant to handle, putting me at risk of a stress fracture. I now await some expensive (but hopefully to be reimbursed by our health insurance) custom orthotic insoles to prevent worse things from happening.

Then I walked 2.5km home.

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