Tuesday, October 26, 2010

#DWTS Week 6

I take back my complaints about filler a little bit. I did really enjoy the top ten at the start. I love Rock Week. I also think it's cute that Len's version of looking rock 'n roll is his classic suit all in shades of black except for a polka dot pocket square.

Audrina & Tony's Pasodoble: Still plastic and devoid of personality. I know they're supposed to have a lot of really crisp movements in this dance, but she looked very mechanical rather than intense. I hope she's gone soon just because she's so boring. Also, what's going on with her implants? They looked particularly bad this week and have become a cautionary tale. She had a weird breast roll thing happening in that top, with the line of her implant creating separate cleavage from what's left of her natural breast. Brooke was even staring at them constantly during the scoring interview.

Kyle & Lacey's Tango: Lacey has the best costumes. I loved her Spanish road warrior streetwalker dress. Kyle's intensity was really up this week. Very hot, sharp, and sensual. Love!

Jennifer & Derek's Pasodoble: There were two moments I thought might be lifts, but may have been considered jumps. Jen almost lost her balance in a spiral right at the very end and it all unravelled for the last couple bars, which was unfortunate. It seems like Jen has a bit of trouble on most dances bringing the technique and the ambiance together. When she has one, she loses the other. Derek was very gracious about the scores.

Rick & Cheryl's Tango: Rick had quite the silver fox look going on tonight with that fauxhawk and eyeliner. Hawt. Except for that expression on his face. It looked like he smelled something really bad and was very angry about it. He did a really good job and if he keeps this up I could see him becoming a favorite.

Bristol & Mark's Tango: Bristol seems to have so much fun in rehearsal, but doesn't seem to bring much of that enjoyment on performance night. I didn't see what the judges saw in terms of her character. She did so much better at the dance and her footwork was worlds better than last week -- but her face was blank the whole time except for that three seconds of air guitar.

Kurt & Anna's Pasodoble: I'm really glad they didn't do a space theme for the costumes. I really don't know if I liked it or not. He was clearly into it which was good but I didn't like the choreography. I don't know if it was the choreography itself or how he executed it or a little of both. So...I don't know. I wasn't feeling it.

Brandy & Maksim's Tango: I loved everything about it. Except for Maks's terrible pants.

 Group dance was fun as always.

Bottom two prediction: Kurt and Audrina, with Kurt going home.

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