Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DwtS 1.2

First #DwtS elimination. I'm completely unsurprised that The Hoff was sent packing. I don't think he has nearly the audience appeal that the producers expected. People in North America haven't felt the same way about Hoff since that home video his daughter took of him lying on the floor drunk, rambling, and eating cheeseburgers. He's not seen as a gracefully ageing heart-throb or an endearing silver fox. I think North America primarily sees him as a gross, creepy, drunken slob.


  1. But these are the steps (no pun intended) a celebrity needs to go through to try and rehabilitate one's image.

  2. I think Hoff is too far gone for that. This wasn't some cutesy sex tape scandal, a minor possession charge, or antics with a prostitute. Even domestic abuse can be forgiven and forgotten in showbiz (see: Charlie Sheen, Alec Baldwin). All of those types of indiscretions tend to be overlooked and excused after enough "I was a bad widdle boy/girl and I so sowwee" mugging for the camera.

    Hoff is different. He isn't just rather passé like a lot of C list celebs on this show, he's been an active joke over his music career for many years. Then his child filmed him lying half-dressed on the floor slurring, so drunk he could barely eat a hamburger, while she sobbed and begged for him to please stop drinking. That level of indiscretion and neglect with children involved is not so easily forgotten or overlooked.