Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blue da ba dee

After three or four months, I finally went in for a cut and colour. For the longest time I had all black with foils done along the crown for pink or blue highlights (or a combination, depending on what I felt like). For the first time since 2005, I went in for a new foil placement. I now have symmetrical blocks of colour at the sides, with layers of bright black everywhere else. I get a subtle fading from black to teal showing at the tips when I wear it down, and a fantastic bright pop of colour when I do a French braid or pin my hair back.

Taking the black out took an incredibly long time. From start to finish, I was in the chair for 5 hours. I've never had to go through that before.

It was a good time for a new design. I'd had the old one for 5 years and I was ready for a change, plus I broke up with my previous stylist so it felt right to let the new one take the reigns rather than get her to copy someone else's work. She did a really good job, and for almost half the price of what the old stylist charged.

I do need to find a dye that is more of a primary blue for the wedding. This teal doesn't go with the wedding colours.

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