Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 1

So far I've seen a little stone cafe that is a Sunday morning celebrity biker hangout, the area where they film a lot of westerns, such as Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, and (from afar), Mel Gibson's crazy church (which is not in Malibu as the media always reports, but actually in Agoura).

There are a lot of mobile home parks here, but they don't fit the stereotypical image you get of a trailer park. These are classy mobile homes in lushly landscaped hills with stunning views. A modest mobile home about the size of my former house suite goes for about $250k. In Malibu, there are large and fancy mobile homes with ocean views that go for more than $1 million.

Two things really stand out:

1) The landscape here looks a great deal like the Okanagan and other parts of the BC interior, but with more flowers.

2) Palm trees! Honest to goodness palm trees, everywhere!

This evening we had a late dinner at Paradise Cove. I had the Macadamia Coconut Jumbo Shrimp. It was good, but the prices definitely include the amazing ocean view.

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