Friday, July 17, 2009

Hampton Inn

My hotel is gorgeous. I took pictures of my room, which Barbara cherry picked for me, but I can't upload them until I get home. This bed is incredible. It's either a king or California king. It has lovely sheets, five pillows with two more in the closet, and the most wonderful fluffy duvet. It's like sleeping in a giant soft white fluffy cloud. The Hampton Inn actually markets the mattresses, pillows, linens, and even the towels and shower curtain for purchase. If I had a few thousand dollars and a larger bedroom I'd be pimping out our bedroom with this.

This morning, though, I had to switch rooms. I discovered that my door didn't latch properly and was unlocked all day yesterday. It wasn't an issue overnight since I had the dead bolt and slider both engaged. The hotel took 50% off last night's room rate and moved me to a new room down the hall. This room has nearly everything the other room had, but it's smaller and the layout isn't as nice. I'm fine with it. If I were staying longer or in the room more often I'd probably have held out for the latch to be fixed.

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