Tuesday, April 7, 2009

There they are a-standing in a row...

A while back I bought a coconut on a whim because a few days earlier David had mentioned wanting one. I was in a produce market and there was only one coconut in the whole store, sitting among the mangoes, with no price sign (turned out to be $1.48). Once David cracked it, we soon discovered that hamsters love coconut. Hamtard actually tossed a seed she was working on to grab some coconut. Normally she stuffs whatever food she's working on into her cheek pouch before taking something else, but once she smelled that coconut the seed ceased to exist.

Today I bought two more coconuts. David got a crack in it by dropping it on the driveway, then split it by throwing it down on the front steps. Happily, one half of the shell remained a rough dome. We had read about coconut shells being used as hamster huts, so we put this one into the cage. Once Hamtard finally woke up and went down for food, she discovered the shell. It's hard to read a hamster, but I'm pretty sure she likes it. She has a favorite little compartment in her cage that can only be accessed by a tube, and she tried with great determination yet no demonstrable progress to drag the shell into the tube.

Watching a hamster try to drag something bigger that it is into something smaller is one of life's small joys.

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