Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thalia's Great Adventure

Thalia once again made good on her escape. Earlier today she enjoyed some time out on her leash, got to walk around the yard with David, and even spent a few minutes off her leash with supervision.

And then between 5:05 and 5:20, when either David or one of the kids was coming or going, she escaped unnoticed. Her absence wasn't noted until around 6:00 when I realized that she hadn't been fed. She didn't come when David or I called her or to the sound of the can opener (which is unlike her). Around 6:20 David went out to look around for her, and there she was creeping along the sidewalk, dirty and frightened. No idea where she was or what she got up to. David carried her, I wiped her muddy paws off, and she then wolfed down her food while looking around anxiously. Once the kids were downstairs and the kitchen was quiet, she sat down to a vigorous bath. Poor thing. She doesn't do well in the outside world.

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