Saturday, April 11, 2009


Know what this is?

(I sure wish my floor had been cleaner when I took that picture.)

Yep, it's a sock. Know who made it? ME! It's ugly, bulky, full of gaps, and has a weird toe because I was making such a mess of Kitchener stitch that I just gave up and did a gathered bind off. But it's my first sock, and for that reason alone it is beautiful and I am very proud.

I've cast on its mate, which I know will not be the same. I intend for the second sock to be different, to be fraternal. My goal for the second sock is not to make an identical twin, but instead to correct and avoid the mistakes and refine what I learned the first time around.

It's really difficult to resist the urge to spend a grip on sock yarn. I will, however, go ahead and buy DPNs from KnitPicks. I just need to decide between metal and wood.

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