Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fallout 3 Update

Fallout 3 is so good. I'm regretting that I don't have more time to play. The lack of progress is starting to get frustrating. It just happened in the course of the game that I'm playing a character with very good karma, which means that some bad people don't like me and have put a bounty on my head. Whenever I fast travel to a subway station, there are three or four mercenaries waiting there to kill me. Only once was I able to prepare myself and get in a sneak attack. All of the other times they got the drop on me and I nearly didn't make it out alive.

I'm getting a healthy amount of experience from killing them, but after each encounter I have to go back to my house to unload the equipment I looted from them and sleep to heal my injuries. In about 30 minutes of playing I didn't manage to make any progress at all to side quests or the main storyline because of the mercenaries. I know they're going to keep coming, but with the increased experience (and one really good new weapon) it will get easier to deal with them.

I wish I could call in sick and play Fallout all day.

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