Thursday, March 19, 2009

God bless the fool

One of Thalia's favorite hobbies is making constant attempts to escape. Another hobby is sitting at the bottom of the stairs singing an obnoxious caterwauling ballad about the injustice of her very hard life.

Yesterday, she finally (for the first time since we moved) made good on her escape. None of us saw exactly what happened, but I suspect that when David went into the house to get something a few minutes after we'd originally left, the wind caught the screen door and held it open long enough for her to sneak out. Then the wind, being the fickle accomplice it can be, let the door close and trapped Thalia in the great outdoors.

The major flaw in Thalia's constant desire to escape is that she doesn't think ahead to why she wants to be outside, what she'll do when she gets there, and how she's going to get back inside. As soon as the door closed, she realized that the forbidden fruit she so desires is really quite bitter. The great outdoors is a big and scary place and she didn't like it one bit. She sat on the step outside the door, crying and howling to be let in. Unfortunately, no one knew she was outside. Darlene thought Thalia was sitting at the bottom of the stairs, voicing her mournful dirge about how hard it is to be a fat and spoiled housecat as she is wont to do. Darlene called to her and talked to her, which often works to draw Thalia upstairs, but the little fuzzbutt just kept crying.

David came upstairs to look in the kitchen for her, thinking she must be there. When he didn't see her, he turned and saw her sitting on the step. He went out to get her, but from he said she had no desire to be held for very long and she beat a hasty retreat into the house.

She's just so cute and dumb that it warms my heart.

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