Thursday, March 19, 2009


The dentist was just about as bad as I remember. Maybe worse. The only thing that was better was the topical anethestic and the needle. The needle, to my surprise, really wasn't that bad. It was all of the noisy power tools that brought me to tears. The noise and the vibration and the pressure in my mouth was too much and I started to cry. The tooth that was being worked on was the very last molar and my jaw still hurts from being propped open.

Also, I nearly swallowed the metal clamp that holds the rubber dam in place. The clamp was on, then when they tried to put the dam on the clamp popped off right to the back of my mouth. I didn't even know it was there since I was frozen up to my eye (seriously, my lower eyelid was frozen). The dentist said "Don't swallow the clamp!" which of course meant that my reflexes couldn't help but do exactly that. He was able to extract it with a plier-like took which I think is usually used for pulling teeth.

And I have to go back on Tuesday. Alas.

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  1. Hope you have a better experience on Tuesday. With all the amazing distractors they have at dentists (recalling the television screens on the ceiling) - may be what they need is a dampener on those power tools. I get the creeps just think about the sounds.