Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Video Game Super Party

Last Sunday, January 18, was the inaugural Super Video Game Super Party. I think a good time was had by all. Despite being officially uninvited due to my blasé attitude, I was allowed to stay. Joey was the first to arrive and he helped David move our television upstairs. The Wii was hooked up on FIL's television in the living room, the main XBox was at the kitchen table, and Rock Band 2 was set up downstairs in the kids' room on the second XBox.

Joey got right down to business playing Carcassonne in the kitchen while I made ready the snacks, got a rotation of batteries onto the charger, and synched controllers. Stephanie (or Snephanie, as the kids call her) arrived next and Joey got her playing Carcassonne while waiting for David to show up to his own party. Soon enough he arrived with Sheri. Sheri, David and I played a bit of Boomblox, and we were joined there by Steph and Joey. We put out chips, salsa, pretzels, cheezies, and I made popcorn.

It wasn't long before we headed downstairs for some Rock Band. There were five of us and only four instruments, so we all took turns. Steph really found her groove for drumming (not surprising, since she likes hammering so much). Everyone but Joey took a turn at vocals. Yes, even me. I gave in to the peer pressure stepped that far out of my comfort zone. I admit, it wasn't as awful as I expected, but I still maintained my hate for it. We had so much fun with Rock Band that we played for about 4 hours. David's mom even joined us on vocals for a couple songs and the party ending two hours later than we'd anticipated. Everyone got a ride home while I cleaned up.

I think it all went smoothly. Next time I'd want to plan for some more substantial food. We had counted on wrapping up by 5:00 and that everyone would be home for supper, so everyone had to get by on snacks until we finished at 7:00. Next time we'll do better at feeding people and make some pizzas or a pot of chili or something. There's talk of making this a monthly event; hopefully everyone had a good enough time to come back.


  1. 1) Snephanie? Where did that come from?
    2) It's more fun to sing if you actually KNOW and CHOSE the songs. Too bad I only know maybe 10% of all the Rock Band content in existence. They should release a Folk Band. Or at least Pop. I might have a chance then.
    3) We were supposed to leave at 5? Ooops. Sorry! You should have thrown us out!

  2. 1) Speech impediment and/or childlike mispronounciation
    2) For signing, I agree. For playing, I find that whether I know the song or not sometimes helps and sometimes messes me up
    3) But we were all having so much fun!