Friday, January 30, 2009

Jenn and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

1) I'm sick.
ii) I'm very tired because coughing kept me up half the night.
c) I fell on some ice this morning on my way to the bus stop to go to work. My left side, especially my shoulder, is very sore.
IV) The internet went down at work not long after I made it in, totally invalidating most of my reasons for going to the office in the firstplace.
E) David came across the first book in a nine book YA series that he said looked like the kind of thing I'd enjoy. I really got into it and read it in a couple days. Just as I was finishing it, I discovered that the library only has the first book and none of the others currently in print.
6) I banged my elbow so hard that my pinky and ring fingers were in a lot of pain, then tingly, then numb. It took nearly an hour before I could make a fist with that hand.

Boo-urns to today.


  1. A crappy day indeed. One suggestion for E), though: perhaps you could try ABE books - they have listings of used book stores' inventory. Might be able to track some more down. Or, try the Alberta Library listings? Might be able to order things in to EPL...?

    And hey, why is the font on your sidebars and such so freaking tiny???

  2. I also forgot this one: First thing in the morning while trying to get the milk out of the fridge so everyone could have breakfast, a jar of pickles landed on my foot. I have a bruise.

    Steph: I plan to keep an eye out in used bookstores, but in the meantime I've suggested the library buy them. They probably will, they don't like to have incomplete series. And I don't know why the font is so tiny...I'm having trouble customizing Blogger.

    Joey: It's The Nine Lives of Romeo Crumb by L. Rifkin.

  3. Is the font better now? Safari doesn't get along well with the edit feature of Blogger.

  4. Yay! Better font!