Monday, February 16, 2009

An even worse day

I broke my pinky toe. There's a heavy chair that I had just put back into its usual spot, except it wasn't at the usual angle. I was walking by it and stubbed my toe, which I have done before. Except this time there was an unpleasant cracking noise. I went back to my bedroom and decided to wait the pain out, figuring it was just a slightly worse stubbed toe. Then I took my sock off and saw that my toe, like the chair, was not at the usual angle. I texted David to tell him that I thought I broke my toe. He told me he was almost home and to put some ice on it. He then called the landline to get his mom to bring me some ice from upstairs. I was very much in denial about the state of my toe, but her reaction confirmed my fears.

David took me to the Medicentre (carrying me to and from the car, of course), where I was wheeled into a little exam room and made to wait for a long time for a doctor to see me for thirty seconds, poke my toe, and give me a request for Xray form. Before he poked it he asked if he could touch it. "I guess so. You're the doctor, do what you need to do." Off we went to the xray place, where I was quickly taken care of and sent back to the doctor. I was wheeled straight into the cast room and made to wait for a very long time. I was barely keeping it together because I was going to have to get a needle to numb the toe so they could reset the bones. I am very phobic of needles and I thought about asking them to do it without the local anesthetic but once he got started yanking on my toe I was glad I'd suffered through the needle. I have a partial cast and I have to go back in five days.

The nurse came to check on me while waiting for the cast to harden. I declined to see the x-rays, but she let me know that I messed it up pretty impressively. She said that the little toes are usually pretty tough and I really did a number on it.

I've never broken anything before and this was very upsetting. I cried a lot. And the anesthetic is starting to wear off. I came home and made some tea, then dropped and broke the sugar bowl and I got sugar on my still-damp cast. I'd really like to go back to 8:30am and start this day over.

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