Tuesday, October 7, 2008


We've been trying with limited success to socialize Hammy (her names are now Honey, Flower, Smoochy, Hamtard, and Hammy). Last night we let her run around a large rubbermaid bin, but when David picked her up she jumped out of his hands and we had to catch her from under the television. She got really stressed out and even snarled at David (I didn't know hamsters could snarl). We put her back in her cage, gave her some fruit she likes, and wired the cage shut for the night.

I got up this morning and could tell by the cat's manner that there was either a mouse in the bedroom or that Hammy got out somehow. Sure enough, there was Hammy sitting behind the television. Thalia was all "I tink yuz iz fud." Hammy was all "Maybs, but probs not." The cat was kicked out and the hamster was caught again. The cage door was wide open. She'd tried chewing the wire, we could tell, but she managed to actually untwist it to get the door open. We wired it back up with the promise to get a little luggage padlock. When I got out of the shower she was looking all innocent, but I could tell she'd been trying to get out again. The cage is now turned so the door is up against the wall.

Troublesome little bugger.

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