Tuesday, October 12, 2010

#DWtS Week 4

I didn't do a results post for week 3. Margaret went home as I predicted, good enough for me.

Week 4. Am I the only one who felt they were playing very fast and loose with the term "acoustic"?

You know the show was on for 15 minutes before they got to the first judged dance? And 10 minutes between the end of the first dance and the start of the next? They really need to trim this down to at least 90 minutes. With  9 dancers this week, there is (at most) 25 minutes of actual dancing, 18 minutes of behind the scene training footage, and 15 minutes of judges comments. That's 58 minutes of relevant show stuff, 102 minutes of commercials and inane banter  I'm a busy person, I don't have time for this much filler.

Kurt and Anna: It was...nice. And bland. I can't complain, but it didn't stand out either.

Brandy and Maks:  Again, nice and bland. I don't know if the dance, the music, or the dancers, but the first two couple just haven't done anything for me.

Rick and Cheryl: Didn't Cheryl wear this dress or one just like it a season or two ago? I liked the dance well enough, the footwork was good (although Rick was a bit mechanical at times), but I didn't like the last lift. It all really lacked the drama and ferocity that usually goes with the Argentine Tango. I think the floor is messing them up.

Kyle and Lacey: Another very cute skirt! While Len has a point about Kyle being sharp rather than flowy for this dance, wasn't it previous complained that he wasn't sharp enough? I love watching Kyle dance and he did a lot better at this sensual dance than I expected.

Mike and Karina: He needs to stop looking down at their feet! It was weak because they focused on lifts and neglected intricate footwork, and weaker because what little footwork he did was terrible.

I hate it when Carrie-Ann treats the guys like meat. "On behalf of all the women I'd like to welcome The Situation's abs to the show!" Ugh. Imagine if a male judge said that to a female contestant about her breasts or butt.

Florence and Corky:  I liked it! Mrs Brady is a hot cougar mama! I think it was her best week yet.

Jennifer and Derek: Loved their opening bit. It had flair and drama and great movement around the stage without it ever feeling like the stage was too small. I think it was my favorite dance of the night.

Bristol and Mark: I thought it was good but they should have left out the strip show. The judges were hard on her, maybe with good reason and maybe not. This was a really tough dance on a really tough show for her. That she's doing so well technically is impressive. Margaret was chided for dancing too much with her face, Bristol is penalized for not dancing enough with her face.

Audrina and Tony: Some of their footwork looked really awkward and out of sync, but I don't know if that was deliberate or not. Very nicely integrated lifts. It was really good and fun to watch, though Jen and Derek's was still better.

I'm not sure about the bottom two this week. I believe it will be some combination of Mike, Florence, or Bristol. I suspect that it will be Mrs Brady's night to go home, but I hope that it's Mike's time.

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