Tuesday, October 5, 2010

#DwtS Week 3.1

As always, I loved the pros dancing to demonstrate the dances.

Derek & Jennifer's Samba: I love the Samba and I think they did a well enough job. However, I did not like that their story was a teacher seducing a schoolboy. Maybe it's because I have kids now, maybe it's because I'm acquainted with someone who went to prison last spring for seducing one of his teenage students. It's just not a fun or appropriate subject matter.

Florence & Corky's Waltz: What an unexpected song. Not Florence's best week for me. Her footwork was fine, but she looked stiff and uncomfortable when holding her frame rather than easy and graceful.

Also, I just noticed that Tom Bergeron does a slow clap after every dance. I now imagine him clapping sarcastically to everyone and it amuses me.

Kurt & Anna's Foxtrot: Very nice. I liked the nods to Gene Kelly.

Margaret and Louie's Samba: Rehearsing in Edmonton! Her parents looked so happy and proud. Not her best dance, though. Her feet got really clompy partway through. It may be a mistake for her to try to stop dancing with her face; she's very expressive but I think concentrating so hard on what she's doing with her face is taking away from focusing on what she needs the rest of her to do.

Audrina and Tony's Waltz: The waltz is not my favorite to watch, but they did a really lovely job.

I love the glimpses of Bruno at the judges' table, conducing with his pencil, standing up to intently watch the footwork, tapping his hand on the table.

Bristol and Mark's Foxtrot: I really liked the dance. It was elegant with some modern flair. But where was the story? The homeless guy start didn't relate to the song at all and they totally lost the story once the hobo coat and tuque were discarded. Dance win, story fail.

Brandy and Maks's Samba: I really liked the dance and Brandy really improved from last week, but I wasn't feeling the story. I didn't get until the end that Maks was her bodyguard. I spent the whole dance wondering if he was a cop or a mobster. He did look awfully tasty, though! I'm with Len, I didn't get it.

Kyle and Lacey's Waltz: I thought this might not be a good dance for Kyle because we've really only seen him do the fun, lively, peppy dances so far. He was so much more elegant than I expected. Great chemistry between them. Also, Lacey's trousers were deeply unflattering to her backside.

Mike and Karina's Foxtrot: He's so stiff in the arms. Len once gave a contestant the advice to stop thinking about the arms, and just think about were the hands need to be and let the arms follow. Mike should try that. He's trying and his feet have improved, so good for him, but he's definitely the weakest contestant.

Rick and Cheryl's Samba: Very nice, but Rick just doesn't stand out so much for me. I'm not sure why. Like Audrina, the dancing is good but there's not a lot of personality.

Bottom two prediction: Margaret and Mike, and Margaret will go home. Although, I can see Florence at the bottom of the list this time. Tough call this week.

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