Sunday, September 12, 2010

Keep your eyes to yourselves

I had the XM radio on while I did some kitchen stuff. The Warrior by Scandal came on the 80s station. I'm singing along:

Shootin' at the walls of heartache, bang, bang, I am the warrior
Well I am the warrior, and heart to heart you'll win..if you survive
the warrior....the warrior

You talk, talk, you talk to me
Your eyes touch me physically
Stay with me--

Whoa, there, back up. Your eyes touch me physically? I don't think she knows what "physically" means or how literally it forces that statement to be taken. I'm all for artistic license and romantic metaphors, but that's just creepy and weird.


  1. She probably means she gets a physical reaction ie. arousal/orgasm or maybe butterfly kisses.

  2. Well, yes. I'm aware of what the songwriter meant. By ignoring what the songwriter meant and pointing out how unpleasant the literal interpretation of the lyrics is, I was employing humour.

  3. I know, I was just harassing you because I'm bored silly. :) Sorry lol

  4. I am now wondering if you knew I was kidding and were kidding back. If so disregard last comment. ;) It just seems like my humor and sarcasm have been broken or something lately because I have had to explain several times what I meant or that I understood what was meant recently but on reflection almost every time it has been with Artemis(as in the recent black tiger thread) so it may just be a language barrier. Or it could still just be me in which case do regard last comment. :D