Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dancing with the Stars Week 2.1

#DwtS week two performances!

Rick and Cheryl's Jive: Super tall guy with a tendon injury doing the jive. And it was great! It was bouncy, peppy, fast, and fun.

Florence and Corky's Quickstep: She's not the most natural dancer, but she seemed to loosen up and flow better towards the end. She was sometimes a bit hesitant, but her moments of elegance show good potential.

Brandy and Maksim's Jive: They should have left out her non-jive solo diva bit. I enjoyed it all except that. She looked clompy with her feet, like she was stomping rather than bouncing.

Michael and Chelsie's Jive: Michael needs to start treating her like his teacher and stop talking down to her. Yes, she's young enough to be his daughter, but she's a professional in her field and he should respect her as such.

He wasn't as painful for me to watch as last week. I think he did his best but it was clearly not a good dance for him. He's kind of like watching a roller skating bear. Len: "It probably needed a pooper scooper, as well." Hah! Love Len so much. Also, LOVED Chelsie's shoes.

Audrina and Tony's Quickstep: What the heck was Tony wearing? I have no idea who Audrina is or what she's a celebrity for, but I like her dancing. I wish she were more of a personality.

Jennifer and Derek's Jive: Loved it! I thought putting the female lead from Dirty Dancing was a bit hack and gimmicky, but they're not harping on it so it's okay.

I hate Sarah Palin and her stupid accent.

Margaret and Louie's Jive: So much better than last week. A fun dance like the jive works so much better for her personality.

Kyle and Lacey's Quickstep: Love love love Kyle even when he gets a bit too loose for the dance. The quickstep is one of my favourite dances and he's my favourite dancer this season. I initially liked Lacey's fun poofy dress, but the skirt made it hard to see the foot movements.

Kurt and Anna's Jive: I find it so distracting when they sing along, but at least it shows they're into it and that they know the dance well enough to be able to enjoy the music.

Mike (whom I refuse to call "The Situation" unless absolutely necessary) and Karina's Quickstep: I don't know why Mike's arguing about the music. Music is assigned, not chosen. His footwork was frequently totally out of sync, but I think he does show potential to be very good if he can pull it together. Missing the first two weeks of rehearsal before filming really hurt him. He usually had the moves, he just wasn't doing them at the right time. I really liked Karina's adorable dress.

Bristol and Mark's Quickstep: I don't like Sarah Palin, but I do like how supportive and enthusiastic she is of her daughter. Bristol was good and I really like watching her, but this wasn't as good as last week. It looked like she was anticipating her steps too much and got ahead of Mark and the music a few times.

For the most part, everyone did great. I think the two Michaels should be in the bottom two and Michael Bolton should go home.

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