Thursday, July 16, 2009


I think I'm somewhere over southern Oregon. I was in Portland briefly in 1987 when we went on a big camping trip along the Pacific coast. I remember really lush forests. There a massive canyon below us. I don't know my US geography or landmarks well enough to guess at what it might be. The satellite map shows it continuing into Nevada.

I'm very confused about what time it is. I know I'm in PST airspace but I don't know if my phone recognizes that when it's on airplane mode. I'm either 40 minutes from landing or an hour and a half.

We're approaching Nevada and there's a definite change in the landscape. It's getting flatter and browner, fewer trees except on farmland. There are some weird huge circular fields. Some are a lush dark green, others are golden brown. I wonder what the crops are and what the advantage to that shape of growing space in a square or rectangular plot of land might be.

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