Thursday, July 16, 2009

And we're off

I get very stressed about time whenever I fly. I've never even been close to missing a flight, but today's stress was compounded because I had to go through US customs and security. I was worried about documentation, knitting needles as carry-on, and if I should declare the case of Hershey's Eat-More bars in my luggage. I rushed David out the door, left him with time to kill downtown, and with his help made sure I was on an earlier Sky Shuttle.

As it turns out, I was very early. Way too early. Stupidly early. There was no one in line for check-in. The upside was getting a really good seat. Normally I prefer aisle seats because I don't feel like being boxed in and and it gets me off the plane faster. Additionally, I've always only been flying between Edmonton and Vancouver for which the view isn't important because I've seen it so many times. But this is a long seat to somewhere new so I wanted a window. I suspect the flight isn't very full because I got a window at the front.

Customs was very easy to get through. $32 worth of Eat-More bars was not a concern. The Customs officer was interesting. He gave of every impression of being the bored government drone, devoid of personality. At the same time, however, his choice of words was very light, friendly, and conversational. He was just completely deadpan about everything.

Security was also a breeze. I mean, it was easier than every time I've flown domestically. I put my shoes and purse on the conveyor, walked through the detector, and that was it. No wanding, no checking the camera. Just the standard questions about if I had anything in my pockets, liquids, or gels. Here's where I told a triple lie. I answered no to all of the above, when in fact I had two Advil Liquigels in my pockets. Ack!

Once through security, there was a Starbucks (there's a Second Cup on the domestic side). Breakfast eaten, now I wait.

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