Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Last week I scheduled a manicure and pedicure a day apart for this week. It ended up being a little disappointing.

It got off to a delayed start yesterday. The spa, whose name I won't mention but it rhymes with Slaw-nation, called 10 minutes before my appointment to say that the esthetician I was booked with had called in sick and no one else would be in until 45 minutes later. I went to have second breakfast and coffee, then back to the spa. Except for the exfoliating (which I always hate) it was nice. I especially like the paraffin dip. My toes were painted a pretty blue with a stupid name (Blue me away, I believe).

As I was settling up I asked if the 9:15 appointment the following day was still fine. I was assured that it was. Sure enough, this morning I was walking through the mall on the way to the salon and got a call at 9:10 saying that the esthetician had called in again, she wouldn't be doing appointments before 10:00 anymore, and if I didn't mind waiting I could come in at 10:00. This time I did mind. It wasn't that I didn't have the time, I was just annoyed that this happened on such short notice the day before.

Additionally, I also discovered that the pedi wasn't quite as good as ones I'd had before. The rough spots on my feet weren't eliminated, just reduced, and the polish is a bit sloppy in places. A large part of why I want a mani/pedi is to fix the problem spots so it's easier for me to maintain them myself for longer. I didn't have a lot of faith that a better job would be done on the hands.

I'm sure I will still go for a manicure sooner rather than later, but it'll be at a different place.

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