Monday, May 11, 2009

Still dum

At some point on Saturday late afternoon or evening, I lost my keys. All of them. Every key I own. I can get copies of the regular keys made from David's, but I was worried about my office key. It's a secure key that's protected by federal law from unauthorized copying. That meant if the the library didn't have a spare copy I could have, I'd probably have to pay a fee for them to have a new copy issued.

Turns out it was no trouble at all to get a new one. I went to the appropriate office, explained, and she went to the cupboard for a new key and made a note of it. Fortunately, there is nothing identifying about the keys so there are no worries about office security. Each key is numbered to the client (the library in this case) with the phone number of the locksmith on them. If my keys are found and a good samaritan calls in, the locksmith will be able to find out who the key belongs to and get it back to the library.

I really have no idea where I might have lost my keys. I can't find them at home or in the car, I called all of the places I might have left them and visited two of them in person, and I'm even positive that they're not in the abyss of random junk that I call a purse. Sigh.

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