Monday, April 20, 2009

Victory is mine!

A couple weeks ago there was some contention in the office over a client who was getting upset and telling some untruths about my efforts to help them. There were two people in their office in contact with us, playing good cop/bad cop. The good cop dealt with me in a friendly manner by email while the bad cop telephoned the manager to yell. They tried to bully me into offering a spot on Friday that didn't work terribly well on my end, and threatened to cancel and blacklist us if they didn't have confirmation by the the end of the day. I gave in and offered them Friday, which is when they came back "You know, Wednesday or Thursday might work better. Give us a couple days and we'll get back to you."

What? They give me an unreasonable deadline then decline my efforts to help? I don't think so. After consulting with the GM, I ended up offering them an immediately confirmed spot on Wednesday. If they wanted to hold out for another spot, that was fine, but I would be unable to make any confirmations or promises for two weeks. They fussed about Wednesday simply not being possible for them and opted to hold out for something else. Last week I told them that there really was no other option, they had to take Wednesday if they wanted us at all. I wasn't really sure if I'd be told to go [censor] myself or if they would acquiesce. I was smugly delighted this morning to find an email saying that Wednesday works just fine, they're so looking forward to it, and thank you so very much for all the help.

I win.

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