Monday, April 6, 2009

Is it a sock yet?

Not quite, but it's getting there.

Making the heel flap and turning the heel? No big deal. It's 10% math, 10% guesstimating, and 80% decreases, and if using a pattern the math and guesswork are removed. Decreases are nothing to be bothered about. I can already p2tog and ssk like nobody's business because of the lace knitting I've done, so the heel wasn't this elusive mythical magical task for me.

Joining the heel flap back onto the rest of the stock to create the foot, however? *choke* *sob* Holy profanity! Between some books and youtube videos I think I have it figured out. Maybe. I had to give up and go to sleep last night so I'll have to wait until after work to get back to it.

Part of the trouble is that there seem to be a few ways to do it and that's messing up my learning process. One book said start with right side facing, one video said wrong side facing, a tutorial page was doing something weird with an extra needle I didn't understand. I pieced together a method that I may have just completely made up, but there are no knitting police and I've long since decided that don't care if it's wrong. I only care that it becomes a sock.

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