Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stupid winter

The best part of taking the cast off was being able to take a very long and very hot shower. For a week I was limited to showering while awkwardly balanced with a bag wrapped around the cast to keep it dry. I kept the showers as short as possible. The first shower after taking the cast off was an incredible waste of water, but it may have been the best shower I've ever taken.

I'm fully but slowly mobile. No cast, no crutches, no cane. Getting my sneaker on over my taped toe was an ordeal, but it sure is easier to walk with the support and constriction of a shoe. Sneakers are the only thing I can put on right now, but there's an unfortunate amount of snow outside and sneakers aren't nearly warm or weather-proof enough. I opted to go through the ordeal of shoe removal until my shoes dry and my feet warm up.

Follow-up x-rays on Saturday.

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